About souhl center ... movement art and soul … bringing light into dark places


Welcome to Souhl Center.  My name is Karen Sparks.  To read more about me and my credentials, look below.  

Souhl Center stands for  'School of Universal Higher Learning.'  

'Universal'  means that anyone can learn from what is shared here because it applies to us all.  It is about higher learning because what we learn here can lead us to higher consciousness, personal/spiritual development/synthesis and well-being.  This can affect our lives and the lives of others in many positive ways.  

The butterfly represents the psyche or soul as well as our innate potential for transformation and amazing change.


A clear reflection of who and how we REALLY are enables us to see into the mirrors of reflection in life more clearly and experience life on a new level. Find out how personal/spiritual "Movement, Art and Soul" assists us with this.

About Karen Sparks BA, MScEd., RSW, CYT


     My training began with university - I was interested in our body/mind connection and first sought answers there. My undergrad was a combined major in Biology and Psychology.   I then attained a Masters degree in Education and began to teach.  I attained a college certification in 'Teaching Adults' and later taught in that program at night.  I also designed a course of my own in college called 'Life's Journey' and taught it.  After some time, I saw that focussing on teaching curriculum in any 'mainstream school' setting was not where my heart was.     I began to study Yoga and meditation at this time - around 1993.  

    In the mid-90's,  I also attended the Institute for Enterprise Education where I received entrepreneurial business training.  After completing the program, I taught at the Institute and co-ordinated one of their programs for them where I also taught the personal development portion.  Gene Luczkiw, who directed the Institute was a wonderful mentor who believed, as I did, that there is a potential inside us all which most of us do not tap unless we seek it out.  

    Just before attending the Institute for Enterprise Education, I  began what was to become a lifelong personal/spiritual path - Kung fu and Chi Kung (early 90's).   I immersed myself into these studies for hours a day for over 12 years at which point I continued on my own.

     Although Kung fu,  Chi Kung,  and its healing, energy and life philosophies was and always is my core path, I also studied Gestalt,  Shamanism, various energy healing modalities, continuing Yoga studies, Tai Chi, Sacred Magic - a spiritual Celtic Path,  Jin Shin Jyutsu, acupressure, and other studies one-one with teachers.  My heart was in the work and study of the essence of these spiritual teachings and how they can assist us in transforming, evolving, and attaining higher consciousness.  Then I began to spend time with Art.  The amazing thing was how all these things wove together so wonderfully... and are so inter-related to each other.  

   Working with clients over the years as a teacher, counsellor and spiritual guide has been a part of my path.  I feel deeply aligned with these teachings and my work and was able to find the core that I was initially seeking.  Everything I studied related in some way to the study of human nature as well as  teachings of Kung fu and Chi Kung which to me was taught as a three-fold path: The Path of the Warrior(ess), Natural Healer and Spiritual Guide/Priestess.   

     After counselling, designing, teaching and running programs through various businesses over the years,  I founded Souhl Center in 2010 and teach/share what I have learned along my journey with others.