energy work

Jin Shin Jyutsu


This Art is based on simplicity and FUN.    It is also about knowing yourself.  In this Art, we do not view disharmonies as anything but a 'project' we can work with.  It is similar in application to acupressure which people have heard more of.  Jhin Shin Jyutsu is an Art of assisting the individual back to harmony.  You can be taught many things you can do yourself to assist you in this.



Reiki was one of the first energy modalities I ever worked with.  Although I can do a session of strictly ''Reiki' if you like, Reiki runs through all I do now and no longer needs to be separated into its own category.



Acupressure is better known than Jin Shin Jyutsu. Did you know that they are quite similar?



Learn to meditate and 'Journey' for personal/spiritual purposes.  I also offer amazing Shavasana meditations after my Yoga sessions. 

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage


The goal of an aromatherapy relaxation massage is energy balancing, specific aromatherapy application for a purpose chosen by our discussion, and a simple relaxation of the nervous system in order to allow the body to enter into a self-regulating/healing state similar to meditation.  Chakra stones are used and hot stones can also be requested for particular spots to enhance the session.  If you would like to learn how to do simple massage techniques for you and your partner, I can teach you how to do this.  

balancing of your energies


The interesting thing is that no matter what you engage with at Souhl Center.... all Movement, Art and Soul involves the balancing of energies!  Balance and Harmony of inner energies  are one of my key focusses.