Kung fu, Chi Kung and Yoga … bringing light into dark places


Kung fu and Chi Kung

      The style of Kung fu I teach is 5 animal 5 element.  Kung fu is taught together with Chi Kung, which is the soul of Kung fu (as I was taught).   Kung fu and Chi Kung, as I was taught it, is a spiritual path to enlightenment/higher consciousness.  

Chi Kung

     Chi Kung (or as some call it Qi Gong), is an Art of energy movement.  Movement and breath are vital aspects focussed on in this Art, as well as the philosophies and health principles which are a part of this training.  


     The style of Yoga I work with mostly is Hatha.  It was Hatha yoga (in a classical traditional style) that I first learned as a movement Art.  I was taught that Hatha Yoga is also a path to enlightenment/higher consciousness.   This is how it was taught to me: traditional Yoga does not 'separate any lines'... all 'lines' to higher consciousness were taught together.  That which a seeker seeks when embarking on this path as a spiritual path has no divisions - it is 'mind' which divides things.  There are no dividing lines on a 'true spiritual path'... it simply is a whole complete system and therefore taught that way.  In this way, Hatha Yoga is not just about asana… if it were, it would be no more than a great workout!  In many places today, Yoga, and martial arts are nothing more than this (but they have their place too)... I speak more about things like this on my blog.  What I say here applies to Kung fu, other martial arts and Chi Kung as well.

    Something some people do not know is that Kung fu has roots in Yoga - is the a line that evolved from Yoga.  There are movements and philosophies in certain styles of  Kung fu which are similar to some things in certain traditions of Yoga, and many things which look nothing like Yoga at all.  Another thing some people do not know is that in some traditions of  Yoga, martial arts, weaponry and wrestling were also a part of the Yoga training!    

Currently, I am teaching all movement Arts privately.  Small groups of 2-5 individuals who want to train together can also be arranged.  Please contact me if you are interested in learning more.  I am located in the Niagara Region of Ontario.  You can reach me at 905-933-7162.