Soul Counselling ... bringing light into dark places

Depressed, Anxious, lost in a pattern of negativity or despair?


Like the picture above, these states can lead us to feel like no matter how much light there is, we feel stuck in a dark place and can't see the way out.  Getting assistance in times like these is vital.

Relationship troubles?


Often, relationships are about balancing out unhealthy patterns, habits, unfinished business from the past or current situations which are overwhelming in some way.

Learn ways to face the tough times and the things that cause your cycles of relationship chaos leading to circular patterns of distance, avoidance of intimacy or fighting.

Learn tools to assist you with relationship pattern resolution or make decisions and get support which can assist you to leave and create a new life.  

Seeking more out of life? Feel like something important is missing? Find out what that is.


Desiring support for a major change or challenge?


Reach out for support, guidance and wisdom.  Learn how to access all this from within yourself … be empowered to find your answers and connect with your own well of wisdom.

Whatever you seek is also seeking you... or you would not seek it to begin with...gain assistance in finding it!


Trauma? Old wounds resurfacing or recycling patterns? Unfinished business? ready to really work on it? Call me today.


Ripples in the waters of your life?  Remember that many others have walked similar paths before us and have found ways to move forward... to heal... to LIVE.  If you are ready for your next shift, book your appointment today and embark on the next steps of your personal/spiritual journey.

Soul counsel


'Soul Counsel' refers to the counselling modality I use. I made this word up myself, but would not be surprised if it existed long before me. To me, this way of working with someone respects the individual as unique and on a personal/spiritual journey. The term 'Soul Counselling', for me, developed over time due to my personal/spiritual experiences and studies. The butterfly, which is known to represent transformation, is also an ancient symbol for the soul or 'Psyche'. Psychology, originally comes from two words: 'psyche' and 'ology'. 'Psyche' meaning soul and 'ology'; meaning 'the study of'. Originally, Psychology was about the study of the soul. It certainly was so in more spiritual ancient societies and traditions. Then, it's meaning and many other things were lost, forgotten and to some degree destroyed.

With my studies into human nature over time, I came to see that we left much richness behind from more wisdom traditions in various ancient cultures. This was mostly because we developed more 'rational' ways of looking at things and many concepts to go along with them. We forgot the soul, as well as our breath, in our lives. We also forgot the soul in Psychology and Psychiatry - something the Psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli is known to have said long before it was acceptable to say so (which it still isn't in many circles even today!!!) . Developing Psychosynthesis, and being a person who studied many ancient spiritual principles himself, Assagioli was one of the first to bring the soul back into our private work with individuals.

Psychosynthesis is one of the modalities I work similarly to and have studied. Like Assagioli and many others after him, I believe that including the spiritual life of a person and their own unique journey through life is vital if we are to serve others and assist them along their journeys and transitions... changes... challenges etc. in life. The idea of 'synthesis'...'wholeness', 'unity' … 'integration' and so on appears over and over again in the work of those who have followed similar threads. Quite frankly, these threads developed long before Assagioli, Jung, and even Yoga.

I also draw from my own life experiences, training in Shamanism, Gestalt, Art Therapy, Eastern Philosophies, Celtic Sacred Magic Studies, and other healing modalities. Assisting others towards wholeness, enlightenment and integration is my passion. Bringing light into dark places is what I do best.